Color System Plugin for Sketch

Søren Clausen
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Important: This plugin only supports up to Sketch version 64.

Sketch plugin to control your color system with Color Variables. Create Light and Dark Modes in minutes.

With the Color System Plugin, setting up a color system is quick and easy. The plugin is lightweight and integrates with your Document Colors in Sketch, so you don't have to change your way of working.

Complete feature list

  • Create color schemes for Light and Dark Mode.
  • Switch between color modes, this automatically recolors your entire file.
  • Create, rearrange, and delete colors.
  • Change colors, this will update the color in your entire file.
  • Export and Import your Color Systems.
  • Auto-update Text and Layer Styles

Version 1.6.0

New features

  • Ability to update Text Styles automatically
  • Ability to update Layer Styles automatically
  • Ability to delete the color system from the file


  • Overall interface update to be more in line with native MacOS
  • Nice scroll bar when using an external mouse
  • Sidebar now updates with new color mode when you switch or update the colors
  • Repeating the shortcut to open the switch or settings will now close the window


  • General optimization and bugfixes

Version 1.5.1


  • Interacting with colors could accidentally trigger deletion of a color.

Version 1.5

New features

  • Export and Import your Color Systems.
  • Resize the window to your liking.


  • Everything has been rewritten to allow for quicker future updates.
  • Added a transition when switching between color modes in settings.
  • Better state handling and less window resizing when loading.
  • Overall stability improvements.


  • Creating a new Color System in Dark Mode now works again.
  • The switch will update to the correct color mode if visible while setting up a new Color System.

Version 1.4


  • Added support for MacOS Catalina.


  • The switch is now responsive no matter where you choose to click!
  • You can now drag the Settings window by click and dragging the title of the window.

Version 1.3


  • Added validation if color values. The input field will be highlighted if the value is invalid.


  • Saving color system while the document was in dark mode would overwrite the light mode.
  • Changing the name of a color did not update in both color modes in the interface.

Version 1.2

  • Split the color and opacity into two separate input fields instead of the confusing 8 digit HEX, I know, MVP, right?
  • The list now supports an *unlimited* amount of colors, with the addition of a revolutionary scroll bar!
  • Better handling of recoloring with transparency. (Hopefully, you didn't notice this one 😬)
  • Now also works when you change documents in Sketch. Duh.
  • Updates now appear directly in Sketch! (So no more emails about small updates 🥳)
  • A zip-file containing the Color System Sketch Plugin

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  • A zip-file containing the Color System Sketch Plugin
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Color System Plugin for Sketch

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